Case Study: Boomerang Solutions - Supply & Demand Designs Nordic

Case Study: Boomerang Solutions

SDD Nordic Case Study - Swap Solution

The Company

A leading manufacturer of printing solutions for businesses and private homes.

The Challenge

  • Offer a total logistics solution, transporting products from the Far East via a central
    European distribution center with delivery to the ultimate end-customers in the
    Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and a return of the
    defective units to a central European repair center.
  • The solution to be focused on efficiency improvements in the distribution network.
  • Provide daily web based feedback a requirement.

The Solution

  • Established a central European distribution center in The Netherlands and country hubs in each country offering distribution and swap services throughout the region.
  • Total transportation costs were reduced by optimizing the carrier selection on the ocean transport ex the Far East to Europe and optimizing domestic distribution and the inter-european linehauls.
  • Lead times were reduced performing delivery, collection and swap services to/from the end-customers in all Nordic countries the very next day after order receipt.
  • The implementation of a combination between Simple and True swap services, delivery of new/refurbished products and collection of defective units with the same driver or alternatively with two separate drivers resulted in improved customer satisfaction and reduced total transportation costs.
  • SDD Nordic’s proprietary web based IT system provided total visibility throughout the supply chain.

The Results

During the first month of operation SDD Nordic reached an overall performance of 98.9%.

By introducing a regional help desk, SDD Nordic supports all customers with their transportation inquiries and offer status feedback on a daily basis improving customer satisfaction.

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