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  • Around the world logisitcs


    A distribution network including collections, deliveries, simple swaps and true swaps

  • Logistic solutions by truck or ship


    Combining reverse and forward logistics in one solution transporting the finished products ex the production sites to collecting the defective units and ensuring proper and correct recycling

  • Transportation management by truck


    Line-haul management of defective units and finished products from central warehouses

  • Products in storage


    A network of terminals strategically located throughout

  • Help desk SDD Nordic


    Multilingual logistics professionals assisting our customers and our customers’ customers

  • People working on reverse logistics task


    Unique contract logistics solutions based on each customer’s requirements


  • Reduced operation costs outsourcing part or all logistics functions
  • Decreased inventory costs & increased net asset recovery
  • Reduced logistics costs through carrier optimization
  • Improved efficiency in the supply chain through a 3PL or 4PL environment
  • Provide total visibility in the supply chain through a customized web based system
  • Maximized helpdesk resources
  • Improved customer service for our customers’ customers
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SDD Nordic creates tailor-made, cost effective, logistics solutions based on each customer’s unique requirements allowing them to focus on key competencies.

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At SDD Nordic we define reverse logistics as all activities for all industries as associated with a product/service after the point of sale with the goal of optimizing and make the aftermarket activity more efficient, thus saving money.

This chart shows how essential reverse logistics is as a part of the Supply Chain.

Transport ship and long road

Ethical & Social Responsibility

SDD Nordic is always managed with the purpose of having a positive impact on the society.

  • We do business in a fair and ethical waytransport ship passing under bridge
  • We will always show a professional attitude in all aspects
  • We communicate with an open door policy
  • We treat each other and our customers like family
  • Our working environment is clean and safe
  • We act responsibly towards the environment
  • We value long-term relationships

All staff members of SDD Nordic are to embrace the following guidelines described below and it is the responsibility of each and every one to make sure that these guidelines are followed.

All employees at SDD Nordic are required to, based on their responsibilities, to follow the high ethical standards set by Management.

Terms and conditions of SDD Nordic’s services must be clear at all times and not arbitrarily changed. Any customer complaints are to be dealt with promptly and in accordance with guidelines set by Management.

Any current or former employee of SDD Nordic is prohibited by law from using or disclosing information concerning other parties, their business and personal   business that he/she has become familiar with during the employment at the company.

Regarding business relationships, strict confidentiality also applies as well as any other activity performed while in the duty of the company.

Our Environment Policy

The environment is considered one of the corner stones at SDD Nordic and the foundation of the company, the reason green is selected as the company’s color.

SDD Nordic has a desire to take part in the efforts of reducing the impacts of transport pollution on the environment.holding green earth in hands

Scrapping of defective units is a service offered as SDD Nordic consider this process being an essential part of reverse logistics and thereby the total supply chain.

SDD Nordic is monitoring the development of laws being processed at the EU commission as these laws are constantly upgraded.

Reference is made to latest EU law:


SDD Nordic is operating under NSAB2000. NSAB contains conditions relating to the forwarder’s assignment; the performance of the assignment and the liability of the forwarder as a carrier.

Follow this link to learn more:

NSAB 2000.pdf

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